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B&N Mouse for Laptops and Games

B&N Mouse for Laptops and Games

B&N Mouse for Laptops and Games

Mouse devices can be large and rather clunky, and sometimes you want something slick and ultra thin that will work with any bluetooth enabled laptop, ultrabook, or even tablet. If you’ve been used to a PC mouse, then you’re probably used to using a mouse almost the size of your fist. If your a tablet user, this can be overkill, and not necessary if you’re not planning to use it for work, but need a mouse for more leisurely use.

Although tablets and touch enabled devices are on the rise, so is the frustration that being able to click accurately in the right place on the screen is on the rise too. Although you don’t need one every time, it is handy to have a bluetooth mouse at hand, depending on the website or application you might be using.

Wireless Technology

The B&N wireless bluetooth mouse that is so thin, you’ll wonder how it can even hold the batteries. It’s designed to work seamlessly with any bluetooth enabled device, and this includes ultrabooks, tablets, Microsoft Surface, and laptops. Especially if your looking at certain websites, or have a hard time with your finger pressed registering the right location on your screen, then this bluetooth mouse will be a gift from heaven.

There are some expensive mouse options that have a low styled form factor, such as the ridiculously priced Apple option, but sometimes all you need is a cheap wireless mouse, and this one by B&N is exactly that. It does have an ergonomic feel to it, and allows for either right or left handed use. There are soft rubber grips that you can feel give your hand a little grip, and it’s certainly enough for prolonged use.

The report and response rate of this mouse is excellent. You won’t get any random movements or dropped connections. It’s not idea if you’re looking for a mouse that you can use for fast movement games, but for simple apps, this is more than capable. It runs on 2 AAA batteries, and you can expect them to last for at least 6 months before needing to change them again. One of the reasons this mouse is priced so low is that there are no batteries included, so make sure you pick up a pack separately.

The mouse does feature 2 basic mouse buttons, both left and right, and they have a responsive click mechanism. They offer strong feedback, and it doesn’t feel like a budget mouse when your using it. There is also a scroll wheel that is a notched scroll, which means that even for college and work assignments you can smoothly scroll around the screen.


If your device doesn’t support bluetooth in built, don’t worry, you won’t be left out. You can purchase a USB bluetooth adapter that you plug into a space USB slot, and then pairing is made easy. To pair the mouse, all you need to do is press the bluetooth pairing switch on the bottom, and you’re ready to go. It’s plug and play, so it should pick up on any device easily. Including Android.

You do have the option with this mouse to also change the DPI from the default 400 upto 1600. Surprisingly this is rarely seen in cheaper mice, and it’s a nice refreshing feature that gives you better movement abilities, especially if your work space is limited.

Definitely a mouse that you won’t feel eats a hole in your pocket, and robust enough to carry around in even the most thrown about backpacks & satchels.

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