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Month: October 2019

SimCity Buildit Cheats, Tips and Tricks

SimCity Buildit Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Are you interested in a game that is creative and unique? Do you want to buildup cities and towns in your imaginary world? Do you love playing games that have these features? Here is the game just for you. It lets you build and become the chief of a city. You will develop the entire town and may own it with all the grace you have created in it. Is it not something creative? Is it not a test of your skills in creating an entire city? Can you do it? Then play the online game SimCity Buildit, with all its tips and tricks. In the article, you will have information and basics of SimCity buildit and its tips and tricks.

It is an entertaining game in which you have a design in a city. You need to make it ideal and the best city in the region. Is it easy? It is accessible only when you learn some tips and hacks. Do you want to get these tricks? Read the article thoroughly. Its features make this game engrossing one. If you are ready to show your creative and managerial skills, let’s do it.

simcity buildit cheats

Game currencies

You need some currencies to play a mobile game. The coins used with the SimCity buildit hack are two. They are simoleons and simcash. For your progress, you need both of these two currencies in a considerable amount. If you want a quick level up, you will use these currencies. Is it easy to earn cash? Not at all must you learn some SimCity tricks and hacks for the purpose. What is the solution? Most gamers spend real cash from their pockets to buy game currency. Is it a good idea? But if you work with patience and can earn if you have some cheats and tricks. Here are some performing methods to earn Simoleons and Simcash in the game.

Some Tips and tricks

  • You need to login daily. This will let you grab a large amount of currency as a bonus. In busy days, you log in for a few seconds and log out. It will help to get a hefty amount of SimCity cash
  • Your city residents are called Sims. They have to pay rent for their stay. You may impose taxes. So your city in the game is a source of game cash for you.
  • By completing different tasks and holding events will render you some cash. You may have a city journal.
  • You may earn in-game cash when you level up in the game.
  • You watch some videos in the game with advertisements.
  • You may sell your spare items to earn a simcash.


It is a game that is a real test of your innovative skills. You may earn game cash through different tips which are mentioned above. You may level up with some cheats and hacks. Without learning some SimCity buildit tricks and tips, you may not go ahead.


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Call of Duty Mobile – Cheats and Hacks

Are you a game addict and spend most of your time playing online mobile and computer-based games? Do you love to flee to a world away from the harsh realities of your job for some time? Do you want to exceed ahead in the games? Do you know about the call of duty, a newly created mobile game? You may play it easily on the go. In this article, you will find some striking and hidden features of this game, which may help you to excel in the game. I am sure after reading the article, and you will get a mastery over the call of duty, tricks, and cheats.

It is a multiplayer game with two modes. These two modes are multiplayer and battle royale. Here are some tips and cheats on getting head and surviving in the game. These tips are surely for both of the modes.

Some general feature and tips

  • The game has two options that are available for gamers. You should select the advanced option as it has better features. Simple mode is somewhat intuitive. Here is auto fire waster, which is not any one’s business. You can aim and fire with the same button.
  • The game has the feature of in-game team communication. You may speak to team members using small buttons near the map. You may mute the voice channels also. You may use them as per your requirements and needs.
  • You have some grenades and sub-weapons. You should not forget them using call of duty mobile hack and cheats. These weapons can upside down the game and lead you to victory. It is something that you can forget about when you are in the fray. Make sure to make the correct use of these tips.
  • Some of the wrong awkward things are shooting in the hip. It lets your rival know about your location. You should look down when you are in a static condition.
  • You are awarded level-up rewards, but for season and event rewards, you need to perform.
  • You need to join a clan to get an experience bonus.
  • You can get bonuses through weapon skins. You should keep in mind that weapon camas do not ward you.

Multiplayer tips

The multiplayer mode may give you a lot of rewards and level-ups. Here are some of the best tips and cheats for call of duty multiplayer mode.

  • It has the feature of changing your load out between the deaths.
  • You can get load outs only in multiplayer mode.
  • You can take part and perform in all matches. Choose to fill your match with bots if you have some trouble with the weapon.


In short, the call of duty game has some unique features. You can get ahead and perform better if you get these cheats. The game has featured for the ease of newcomers. When you get advanced, you may go for other advanced features.


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Best Coin Master tips and tricks

Best Coin Master tips and tricks

Players of the Coin Master game wish to use every chance to improve their performance and fulfil their expectations about the easy way to succeed in this extraordinary game world. They are willing to find and use the best tips and tricks to become successful players of this game. Once they have enhanced their expertise about the fundamentals of this game, they have to take note of the complex aspects of this game and keep up-to-date with the best techniques to excel in this game. They are very conscious about different things every time they spin the wheel as they get different items used in the game to progress further.


Suggestions from experts to get free Coin Master Spins

It is the right time to be aware of easy-to-follow methods to get the income. The slot machine in the sky is very simple. There are 6 different combos which can be created in the machine. These things are large gold, plunder, energy, shield, coin and thief. Smart players of this game use the gold as quickly as possible mostly for upgrading various resources. This is because they protect their possessions from thief when they do not have maximum gold on hand. Once you have entirely upgraded cities, you have to move on to the next town without delay. Progressive upgrades increase your values accessible from the spins of the slot machine. You must use the best guidelines to power up yourself and fulfil wishes about the enhanced level in this game.

Coins and spin are main elements in the coin master game. You can also get them with coin master hack tool. You have to find out and double-check how to collect the maximum coins and spins. You can pay attention to the basics of the coin master and enhance your proficiency about the cheats and tricks associated with the coins. You must understand this game and create your own strategy to move from one village to another village. Do not forget to maintain your mindset on this game. You may only complete 2 or 3 villages per month when you waste your spins.

Become a successful player with Coin Master Tips

Well experienced players of the coin master wait for the right time to play and focus on how to collect more spins rather than completing villages on a regular basis. They complete card sets and collect all the gold cards prior to completing villages. They keep in mind that village numbers are important to open the chest and get the highest possible cards. They make this game interesting and follow the best suggestions to be happy players.

It is the appropriate time to find out how to complete card set tricks. You find cards in the 4th level in this game. You have to collect the maximum cards in the fifth village and stay here until you get the overall unlocked gold cards. Once you have done it, you have to focus on your card sets. Remember that 7th village is important and collect all gold cards to move on to the level 10. Though there is a limit to send 5 cards, you can send unlimited cards when you change your date after one day.

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Game Review: Pokémon Shuffle

Game Review: Pokémon Shuffle

One complaint that Nintendo gets a lot is that they tend to be very slow to adapt to the changing market. Personally, this has never bothered me all that much, especially since much of the AAA market nowadays tends to lean heavily on the cinematic experiences and lots and lots of paid DLC, two things which I don’t mind in theory, but what I find many companies don’t use well in practice. Over the last few years, though, Nintendo has been testing the waters with some games, whether it be the paid DLC in Mario Golf World Tour, Mario Kart 8, and Hyrule Warriors, or the other ‘freemium’ titles that they’ve offered on the 3DS, like Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball or Steel Diver: Sub Wars. Personally, I think they’ve done a pretty good job not falling into the trap many other companies have sank into. On the DLC side of things, you’re virtually guaranteed a substantial amount of content for the amount you pay, and the ‘freemium’ games have been, at the very least, an interesting way of doing it, with players getting a small chunk of a game that they can play indefinitely, but requiring a little money to unlock more things to do. And even though I’m not particularly interested in Steel Diver or Rusty, I can at least say that they’re unique in a world chock-full of imitators.

With all that said, Pokémon Shuffle leans a little more into what I’d call dangerous territory for a ‘freemium’ game, but overall, it’s still not that bad.

Dammit, Mew, stop being such a pain in the ass to catch.

If you’ve played any of the Pokémon Trozei (Pokémon Link! in Europe) games before or pretty much any Yoshi’s Cookie clone, then Pokémon Shuffle will likely feel quite similar. Pokémon heads pop up on the bottom screen in a 6×6 grid, and you can drag and drop them to other spaces on the grid in order to match three or more, though you have a limited number of moves. After they clear, the ones above them will drop, possibly making new combos and getting you more points. Every  combo you make will deal damage to the Pokémon you’re fighting against, with the type of Pokémon you match determining the type of damage you do, using the type matchups from the regular Pokémon games (though Pokémon only have one type in Shuffle, with no dual-types). Once you defeat the opposing Pokémon, you’ll be able to throw a Pokéball at it to try to catch it, with any extra moves you have remaining adding to the capture chance, and catching new Pokémon gives you more additions to your four-Pokémon team.

It’s just like every other puzzle game released in the last fifteen years, but with Pokémon!

As you progress through the stages, you’ll be introduced to Pokémon that can affect your board in negative ways, either by sealing some Pokémon away, changing them to different Pokémon entirely, turning them into solid blocks that impede progress, or limiting your team to only three. You’ll also find Trainers along the way, who fight you using Mega-Evolved Pokémon, and defeating them nets you both the Mega Stone for that Pokémon and a Jewel. You’ll also earn Coins for every stage you beat, and you can spend them on various power-ups before a stage starts, or use them while trying to catch a Pokémon for twice the capture percentage. There are also Expert Stages you’ll unlock along the way, where instead of being limited by moves, you’re limited by time. Taken on its own terms, the game is simplistic, but certainly rather addicting, and you’ll want to keep playing just to catch more Pokémon and see what else you can unlock.

Some Pokémon only have a base capture rate in the single digits, so you’ll either need to be really good in order to catch them, or spend the Coins on a Great Ball.

And that, in my opinion, is one of the major failings of the game, even though it’s pretty obvious as to why it was done. Your attempts to beat any stage are limited by the number of Lives you have. By default, you have a maximum of five, which really isn’t much when nearly every stage can be beaten in less than two minutes, and some in less than 30 seconds. While your lives do regenerate over time, it takes 30 real-life minutes to restore just one, so you’re generally limited to only ten minutes of gameplay or less before you get to wait for over two hours to play for ten more minutes. Of course, you can use the Jewels you get from defeating Trainers to get more Lives, but Trainers are few and far between, so if you want to keep playing in more than ten-minute spurts, you’ll have to buy Jewels using real money. A single Jewel costs $0.99 / €0.99 / £0.89, but buying in bulk will get you significantly more, up to a maximum of 75 Jewels for $47.99 / €47.99 / £42.99 . While that’ll certainly get you plenty of extra playtime (as 12 Jewels will give you 80 Lives), in the end, they’ll run out, and it’ll be time to get more.

At least it’s not quite as bad as some other freemium games?

In my opinion, this hurts the most at the very beginning of the game, since the tutorial stages are ridiculously simplistic and very short, but still cost lives to play, so by the time the game really starts, you either have to stop and wait, or buy more Lives to keep playing. With a bigger maximum Life count, say 7 or even 10, it’d be easier to feel like you’re getting a decent amount of enjoyment for the time you have to wait between playing. You can also use Jewels to buy more Coins, and since you only get 30 coins from replaying a stage you’ve beaten once, it does feel like the game is really trying to drain some of your money away, just to make things a little easier.

Even Pokémon spinoffs have great Pokégirls.

Final Word:

As a game, Pokémon Shuffle is arguably harmless. Rounds are short, but enjoyable enough to keep coming back for more. The music is decent enough, if nothing spectacular, and with 150 stages plus 20 Expert stages along with the free DLC stages that are released periodically, it’s a game that’s easy to jump into a few times each day just to progress. I do have a hard time recommending it, though, since it does seem to be grabbing for your wallet more than some of Nintendo’s other entries, and not paying for some things will make parts of the game more difficult, along with severely limiting the amount of time you can play in one sitting. With that said, the game is free to download and play, so if you’ve got a 3DS, you may as well give it a shot regardless. Just keep a firm grip on your bank account.

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